Animal & Marine Science

The  Animal and Marine Science Program  prepares  students for work and/or college in the fields of Animal and Marine Science. NCAHS courses are clustered into concentrations so that each student has the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to work and/or continue their studies in a specific field.

The following concentrations within Animal and Marine Science are available: 

The Animal and Marine Science concentrations provide students with hands on experience working with a diverse range species. The following is a list of just some of the animals you will work with: 

Career Pathways

Entry Level





Animal and Marine Science majors learn a variety of skills for college and careers.  Among the skills taught and learned are…

Hands on Skills

Program Partners, Projects, and Field Trips

Some of the Animal Science Program Partners:


Arnold Arboretum

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Comparative Medicine

Milton CAT

New England Wildlife Center, Weymouth