About Our School

"The Aggie"

Norfolk County Agricultural High School is a public high school that currently enrolls over 600 students from the 28 towns of Norfolk County as well as more than 40 out-of-county towns. The school is situated on 365 acres in Walpole and offers specialty training to students who are interested in the following:

Our Programs

Animal and Marine Science

  • Veterinary Science

  • Marine Science

  • Dairy and Livestock Management

  • Research Animal Technology

  • Equine Science

  • Canine Science

Agricultural and Diesel Mechanics

  • Diesel and heavy equipment operation and repair

  • Welding

  • Woodworking

Environmental Science

  • Climate Change

  • Natural resource management

  • Green Engineering

  • Sustainable Forestry

  • Environment History

  • Park and recreation management

  • New England Wildlife

  • Outdoor leadership

  • Water treatment and management

Horticulture (Plant) Science

  • Forestry

  • Urban Forestry

  • Floriculture

  • Arboriculture

  • Turf Management

  • Horticulture

  • Landscape Management

  • Natural Resources

Day to Day

Students attend vocational and academic classes every day. Grade 9 students explore all programs during their freshman year, Grade 10 students are able to narrow their interests during their sophomore year, and Grade 11 students choose their major prior to the beginning of their Junior year, completing major requirements until graduation.

The Aggie offers and students are encouraged to join the many clubs that are available for them to participate in.


We have many options for our students. These include:

Boys and Girls Cross Country, Coed Golf, Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Coed Dance, Baseball and Softball.

The Aggie offers and students are encouraged to join the many sports teams that are available for them to participate in.

Internship Program

The purpose of the internship program is to provide an authentic career experience for students in new and emerging fields of agriculture aligned to their chosen major, while increasing post-secondary links for students. These real life experiences will also connect academic and vocational studies to a student’s career plan, while reinforcing their positive work habits, ability to demonstrate collaborative teamwork, technical skills, and their related fields and problem solving skills.

Presently there are five internship sites: Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Mass General Hospital, New England Wildlife Center, Milton Caterpillar and The Trustees of the Reservation.


Here at the Aggie we have a wonderful cooperative education program; a program of vocational/agricultural education for students, through cooperative arrangement between the school and employers, to receive instruction, both academic courses and vocational . Such instruction shall be planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student's education and employability. *****Cooperative education is always paid as inherent in the definition's use of the term "employer". *****

If you are interested in becoming a cooperative education site for one of our students please email lradzvilla@norfolkaggie.org

Norfolk Aggie provides hands-on education, with caring and involved teachers in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. Students are united in their interests and find the Aggie to be a welcoming and friendly high school. Students must like being outside during the day, walking across campus to eight different buildings, and enjoy all types of weather.

Some of the activities that students enjoy doing in their freshman year are:

  • Climbing trees in a harness

  • Riding horses

  • Grooming and handling dogs

  • Learning to weld and use table saws

  • Making flower arrangements

  • Learning to drive a tractor

  • Working with cows, sheep and pigs

  • Taking nature walks around campus

  • Handling small animals and birds

  • Drawing plans for a garden

If these type of activities interest you, and you think it would be fun to get involved in an agricultural education, go to the Admissions section on our website and download an application.

You will be invited to attend an Admissions program where you can take a tour, meet students, visit our buildings and get all of your questions answered!