Student Services


All staff members at Norfolk Aggie can be reached by email.

Please use the initial letter of their first name followed by their last name

For example: Benjamin Franklin's email address would be

Dustin Cohen

School Adjustment Counselor

ext. 12214

Wade Killman

School Adjustment Counselor

ext 12213

Dr. Andrew Evans

School Psychologist

ext 11120

Sheryl Simoes

Administrative Assistant

ext 12207

Lee Hoegler

Guidance Counselor (A - F)

ext 12215

Joseph Huff

Guidance Counselor (G - M)

ext 12217

Myles McPartland

Guidance Counselor (N - Z)

ext 12216


CLICK HERE to review our ongoing

list of scholarship opportunities!

We update the information here as we learn of new opportunities for you!

Apply early and apply to many! Questions?

Come to Student Services to meet with your Guidance Counselor!

Parents of College-Bound Students

Please see this information:

Financial Aid Explained 2020-2021

Tips for Finding Outside Scholarships

> Use Google to search for scholarships by major.

> Contact your home-town high school/district for local scholarships available to residents.

> Check with your parents' place of employment and/or union for employer-sponsored scholarships or tuition benefits.

> Talk with admissions/financial aid reps at the schools you are interested in to learn about their scholarship opportunities and requirements.

> Visit the websites listed below to research scholarships and other financial aid information: