Horticultural (Plant) Science


The Horticulture Program provides students with a strong foundation of skills for a variety of career paths within landscaping, ornamental horticulture and arboriculture. Students who choose to major in Horticulture are prepared to continue their education or enter into the workforce. Students are offered a varied curriculum that explores careers, presents technical and botanical knowledge and develops an awareness and appreciation of our natural resources.

Career Pathways

Entry Level

      • Retail

      • Production and sales

      • Public Gardens

      • Landscape Construction

      • Hardscape Construction

      • Plant and Tree Care Workers


      • Industry Consultant

      • Pest Control and Management

      • Communications and Publications in Industry Manuals

      • Landscape and Hardscape Design


      • Marketing

      • Research Technology in Plant Pathology

      • Teaching and Education

      • Government Inspection

      • Landscape Management and Ownership

      • Hardscape Management and Ownership

      • Tree Care and Arbor Management and Ownership


    • OSHA 10

    • Tree Care Academy

Eligible Certifications once the student turns 18 years old

  • Massachusetts Certified Arborist

  • Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist

  • Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional

  • Hoisting Engineer's License

  • ISA Certified Arborist

  • Pesticide Applicators License


Horticulture majors learn a variety of skills for college and careers. Among the skills taught and learned are…

      • Establish and maintain a healthy work environment

      • Develop effective management practices and organizational skills

      • Develop a commitment to professional standards

      • Ability to work effectively across disciplines as part of a team within the Horticulture industries.

      • Teamwork through hands-on and on-the-site fieldwork

      • Development of creativity and crafting landscape designs

      • Mathematical skills such as measurement, algebraic formulas, and geometric shapes

      • Develop and maintain physical activity

      • Ability to explore and analyze weight, texture, density, malleability, and permeability of materials

      • Development in the knowledge of species, organisms, and botanics

Projects and Field Trips

  • Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History Glass Flower Collection

  • Tower Hill Botanic Garden

  • Working with the town Tree Warden of Walpole on Tree Inventory systems


The Horticulture program is proud to have a partnership with Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum