Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Students majoring in the Environmental Science program will participate in environmental studies, and conduct in-depth laboratory and field studies. Career pathways in this program are immense. Students will be prepared to continue their education or enter the workforce in a variety of environmental fields and capacities such as water quality specialists, environmental scientists and engineers, community and state officials, and other environmental organizations to investigate real-world environmental issues.

Career Pathways

Entry Level

      • Energy efficiency auditor

      • Photovoltaics technician

      • Solar thermal technician

      • Wind power technician

      • Water testing technician

      • Remote sensing technician

      • LEED Green Associate


      • Environmental Technician

      • Wastewater Technician

      • Environmental Consultant

      • Solar Insulation

      • Wetlands Surveyor


      • Teaching and Education

      • Marine Biologist

      • Environmental Chemist

      • Wastewater Management

      • Wildlife Biologist

      • Government Inspector

      • Environmental Geologist

      • Environmental Law and Legal Practices

      • Environmental Engineer

      • Meteorologist

      • Health and Safety Officer


    • OSHA 10

    • LEED Associates Certification


Environmental Science majors learn a variety of skills for college and careers. Among the skills taught and learned are…

        • Establish and maintain a healthy work environment

        • Develop effective management practices and organizational skills

        • Develop a commitment to professional standards

        • Ability to work effectively across disciplines as part of a team in seeking sustainable solutions to environmental problems

        • Ability to plan and manage municipal projects

        • Ability to gather, analyze, and communicate data

        • Development of on-the-field work experience

Hands On Skills:

  • Clean Energy systems setup

  • Solar site analysis

  • Blower door testing

  • Ability to explain basic Climate Science

  • Hands on project construction involving wiring, soldering, CAD, 3D printing, plumbing, use of hand and shop tools,etc.

  • Mapping and use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Water testing

Projects and Field Trips

  • Boston waterfront on day of King Tide

  • Deer Island treatment plant

  • Net Positive home

  • Conservation Law Foundation

  • Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Climate Change protest in Boston

  • Plainville generating plant

  • Greenbuild Boston conference

  • Newton DPW

  • Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

  • Neponset River Watershed Association


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