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Norfolk Aggie Is Looking For Summer Care For Two Nanny Goats

We are looking for someone to rent out two nanny goats for the summer.

That person would provide Summer housing, grazing, food and all veterinary care on their property for these two nanny goats.

That person would also need to have animal experience but have zero other livestock.

Mid June to mid August is the period we are looking for this program to run. 

Animals For Sale

We have 3 baby goats and 6 piglets for sale.

There are two Nubian doelings (born March 12th) and one Nubian buckling (born March 11th, who is fixed).  They are incredibly friendly and can serve as a pet or go to market.  

They will be available anytime after July 21st.  We are asking $400 per goat.

We also have 6 yorkshire/berkshire cross piglets for sale at $150 each.